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What is Cyser?

Cyser is a fermented beverage.  It is a type of mead.   Mead is considered by some to be mankind's oldest fermented beverage.  Mead is simply honey and water that has fermented. Early examples were fermented by wild yeast.   Modern manufactured mead is a controlled product just as wine is.  Makers control the variables in the manufacture, yielding a consistent product.  When honey is mixed with fruit juice the resulting fermentation is a type of mead known as metheglin.   When the fruit juice used in making metheglin is apple juice - the resulting fermentation is known as cyser.

Why I made it.  I found some apple juice (5 gals.) close-out priced at a store.  I had previously brewed beer, but I had always wanted to try making mead (especially because mead's difficult to find in the store, and most of the commercial examples I've tried weren't that good).  The idea of a cross between mead and cider (cyser) sounded appealing.  So, with the ingredients on hand, and a few recipe ideas from some old beer brewing magazines, I forged ahead.


5 gallons "Apple & Eve" apple juice

5 lb. Cucamonga natural honey

1 lb. brown sugar

1 lb. white sugar

1 pkg. yeast nutrient salts

2 pkg. Epernay 2 active dry wine yeast

Boiled honey, sugar, and yeast nutrient salts with 3 gallons of the apple juice. added boiled mixture to remaining apple juice in 5 gal. plastic bucket. When cooled to room temp., added yeast. Fermentation was slow to start (about 3-4 days), VIGOROUS fermentation for the next week. Siphoned to glass secondary (5 gal. carboy) after 10 days.

starting gravity: 1.095

final gravity: ?

Results: Cyser is a light amber color.  Some sweetness remains. Honey and apple flavors with a definite alcohol taste.  This will probably improve with age, and be best at one year or older.