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My Philippines Page
So, how come I've got a page about the Philippines?  Well, I was assigned there while I was in the Air Force.   Specifically, I was assigned to Wallace Air Force Station.  "Wallace AS" was an air defense radar facility located atop a cliff overlooking the South China Sea in La Union province, near the town of San Fernando.  Wallace AS was considered a "remote" assignment by the Air Force. Wallace AS was located about 100 miles North of Clark Air base, which at that time was the largest Air Force base outside of the continental U.S.  During my twelve months assignment, I developed an interest in the people and culture of the Philippines.

My Philippines Links:

Tanikalang Ginto A very large collection of links to Philippine-related web offerings. (Tanikalang Ginto means "Golden Chains" in the Tagalog (Filipino) language.) 
Clark RAO A retiree organization for those living near the former Clark AFB, or in the Philippines. 
Ateneo Law A law school located in Manila.
Balita-3.gif (2956 bytes) Balita means news. Links to online editions of Filipino newspapers and a Filipino news digest available by subscription.
Philippine Daily Inquirer Online Online edition of one of Manila's Daily Newspapers.
Manila Bulletin Online edition of one of Manila's Daily Newspapers.
Manila Times Online edition of one of Manila's Daily Newspapers.
Phillipine Star Online edition of one of Manila's Daily Newspapers.
Margarita Station Formerly called "Margaritaville" A bar and restaurant in Angeles City, Philippines. Their web page has some information on the former Clark Air Base and surroundings.  
Cabana A beach resort located near San Fernando, La Union, Philippines - just done the beach from the former Wallace AS.
Swagman Resorts A chain of  resorts located in the Philippines.  Well-managed by the Aussies.